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Welcome to Monash Downhill Mountain Biking(MDMB) club! Your riding journey starts here!

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    Join our community to make more friends and enjoy the fun of Downhill Mountain Biking and improve your skills in the communication...[More]

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    Find competition opportunities, actively join the competition, and show the passion of Downhill Mountain Biker...[More]

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    Check the club calendar for the start time and end time of specific activities and events. Don't miss them...[More]

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    Learn about the club safety principle and insurance requirements to ensure your safety while enojoying dwonhill mountain biking...[More]

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  • Lake mountain - Carlton

    Looking to do lake mountain including the complete granite grind loop up to the top. All up this is about 4km...

    Lake Mountain
  • Gris hill - Docklands

    Starting at the Gris hill we will continue a long the main mountain trail and then we will return on the trail...

    Gris Hill
  • Monash Mountain - Clayton

    Monash Downhill Mountain Biking Cup is coming, Monash students who...

    Monash Mountain
  • Social Meetup

    Every member in MDMB club can join this amazing party to meet with other memeber and communicate with different...

    Socail Meetup

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